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How to install?

The stable version can be installed from the CRAN:


The development version can be installed from GitHub:

# install.packages("remotes")

What is rasterdiv?

rasterdiv is an R package that provides functions to apply diversity indexes based on Information Theory on RasterLayer or numerical matrices. Supported indexes are:

  • Parametric Rao’s quadratic entropy (classical and multidimensional);
  • Shannon’s diversity index;
  • Pielou’s evenness index;
  • Hill’s generalised entropy;
  • Rényi’s generalised entropy;
  • Berger-Parker index;
  • Cumulative Residual Entropy (CRE)

:partying_face: rasterdiv now integrates also functions to prepare and plot time series with “helical graphs”, check out this vignette for more infos: Visualising rasterdiv indexes with Helical Plots.

🪟 rasterdiv uses a “moving window” approach to derive such indexes; however, area-based (e.g., by using vector layers) Parametric Rao’s quadratic entropy is also possible through the paRao() function. Read more on rasterdiv: